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What We Do

Healthy Snack Bags

We currently deliver 975 healthy snack bags to 14 hospitals in Southern California every month. Our bags are prepared by students and volunteers. 


​A hospital visit can trigger fear and anxiety in a child. Toys/games can bring countless hours of distraction. If you would like more information regarding the toys we donate/need, please feel free to contact us.

Choncho's Rocks of Hope

​In honor of Choncho's love for rocks and minerals, we started Choncho's Rocks of Hope program. Each rock is hand-decorated by a student/volunteer and added to a healthy snack bag.

Perfect Attendance Awards

To have perfect attendance year-long at school is definitely an accomplishment. Punctuality and responsibility create great leaders. Our foundation recognizes these students with special prizes. 

Choncho's Blankets

These colorful, warm, and fuzzy blankets have become warriors' favorites. The label on each blanket has Choncho's own signature.Throughout the year, our generous supporters provide them to us. 


​At the end of each school year, we recognize one student from each of the school's we have partnered with. The recipient shows our foundation's core values of exemplary behavior both at school and in the community. 

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